Small People

Small People

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Read-Aloud: The Hundred Dresses and The Golden Goblet

Oops, I completely missed posting my G read-aloud last week! So this week I'll share a G and an H book. If you've been following along for A through F, you know that my Through the Alphabet theme is read-aloud books. This has been such a fun part of our homeschooling life.

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G is for The Golden Goblet by Eloise McGraw

Set in Ancient Egypt, The Golden Goblet tells the story of an Egyptian boy named Ranofer who dreams of becoming a goldsmith. His half-brother and guardian, Gebu, won't pay the apprentice fee for Ranofer to be an apprentice under the goldsmith, so Ranofer is forced to apprentice in the stonecutter's shop. When Ranofer discovers that Gebu is stealing from tombs in the Valley of the Tombs of the Kings, he has to decide whether or not to turn him in.

This book is a great companion for a study of Ancient Egypt. It also allows for great discussion about morals. It's perfect as a read-aloud for grades 3 and older; younger children might not be able to follow it as easily.

H is for The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Trying hard to fit in, Wanda tells the other girls that she owns one hundred dresses. The girls tease Wanda about this, seeing how she always wears the same dress to school every day. Maddie knows the teasing isn't right, but can't bring herself to say anything to stop it either.

Just a warning, this book has brought me to tears every single time I have read it. The discussions it has allowed about bullying and how our words hurt others are so important. This book can be read to any age.


  1. We have very much enjoyed The Hundred Dresses but have not read the Golden Goblet. I will have to look that one up.

  2. I love Egypt! I will have to check out The Golden Goblet. Thanks for providing another reading suggestion!


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