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Small People

Friday, May 24, 2019

EdAlive Review

Like most kids today, my children enjoy spending time on the computer. It makes it much easier for me to justify that time if it's being spent doing something educational. We were very excited to have the opportunity to review Maths Invaders Online and Typing Tournament Online from EdAlive.

For this review, we received a one-year subscription for two students (Brittany and Caelin) for Maths Invaders Online and Typing Tournament Online. Both of these are online programs accessed through the EdAlive website. Brittany used both of the programs. Since Caelin is already fairly proficient in typing, she just used the Maths Invaders Online program. The girls each spent thirty minutes four days a week using the programs.

Maths Invaders Online has two games to choose from: Galactic Campaign and Space Rescue.

Galactic Campaign - This is a one person game where the girls had to attack the math invaders by lining their ship up with the invading math question using the left and right arrows, type the answer, and shoot using the space bar. When starting, the girls could choose their level. Brittany chose to start at Zone One. Caelin started at Zone Six. Next to each Zone option was a button to view example questions for that zone. She looked through the example questions for the zones until she found concepts she needed to work on. There is also an option to print worksheets for the concepts in that zone for the girls practice.

Space Rescue - This game is similar to Battleship, where you choose squares to locate ships "hidden" on the game board. After each person takes one guess, you have to answer math questions before moving on to the next round. If you don't answer enough math questions in the 40 second time limit, you don't get a chance to guess during the next round. This is a 4-player game. There is a Quick Game option that waits for 15 seconds to add players. If no players arrive in that time, it adds computer virtual people to play against. There is also an option to host a game, where the girls are given a code to share with anyone they want to play against. The computer adds virtual people to bring the total number of players to four. The level questions in this game correspond to the level the girls are on in the Galactic Campaign. They could earn more games in Space Rescue by earning stars in the Galactic Campaign.

Typing Tournament Online - In this game, Brittany had to complete quests on the map by typing the words and letters shown to her on the screen. Each quest focused on a set of letters or symbols on the keyboard. At the beginning of the program are multiple tips for posture and hand placement when typing. There are eight goals to choose from, each with a different words per minute goal ranging from 22wpm to 108 wpm. Brittany started at 37 wpm. Each place on the map has a lesson where it teaches the letters for that lesson and where to position your fingers. After the lesson, there are three drills to practice what was learned. After the drills is a test. During the test, you have to reach a target speed and a target accuracy. During the drills and test, you can earn badges; each badge represents a specific number of words typed. After completing the drills for a level, there are also three games to play to practice the skills learned - siege, powder keg, and dragon chase.

Britt's thoughts:
The Typing Tournament Online has really helped me speed up my typing so that I'm faster than one word per minute. It has also helped me with knowing where to place my fingers on the keyboard. With the Maths Invaders Online, I liked how with every game, I had to think really fast to answer the problem.

Caelin's thoughts:
The Maths Invaders Online helped me to be faster with math and not as sloppy in my answers because if I didn't answer it right the first time, I had to answer it again before the time was up.

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