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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum Review

Our family has chosen to homeschool for a number of reasons. One of which is that teaching from a Biblical worldview is important to me. Another reason is that many school curricula have been rewriting history, and I want to ensure that my children learn an unrevised history. Pathway to Liberty's History Curriculum from Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum approaches the teaching of unaltered history with a Biblical world view. We had the opportunity to review Pathway to Liberty's World History.

One of the pages in the Student Guide -
 a chart to fill in while watching a set of videos.

For this review, we received 
  • World History Year 4, Level 2 Teacher Guide - a 185-page, spiral-bound book. Also included with the teacher guide was a printed insert containing the Pathway to Liberty Principle Reasoning Chart
  • World History Year 4, Level 2 Student Guide - a 279-page, spiral-bound consumable workbook.
  • The Chain of Liberty - a 172-page paperback book by Jayme MacCullough.
  • The Chain of Liberty Study Guide - a 98-page consumable paperback book.
For Level 2, there were also some core books that are needed but not included. We were able to pick up the Joy Hakim books The Age of Extremes; War, Peace, & All That Jazz, and All the People from Amazon. We found Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary as an online source.

Pathway to Liberty was founded by Jayme MacCullough, a fellow homeschooling mom, who wanted to create a curriculum for her sons that wasn't saturated with the concepts of evolution, humanism, and socialism that many other curricula are. The history curriculum includes four years - Universal History, The Middle Ages, U.S. History, and World History; all of these approach history with a Biblical worldview.

Although currently, my older girls are each working on their own for high school credits, leaving me teaching Brittany history separately, for most of our homeschooling years, it has been very important to find history curriculum that can be used for multiple ages together, and Pathway to Liberty provides this. Each year of history comes in four levels, covering all years from kindergarten through high school. Level 1 is for K5-3rd grades, Level 2 is for 4th-6th grades, Level 3 is for 7th-9th grades, and Level 4 is for 10th-12th grades. I love that I could have all of my children studying the same things together, no matter what age, and also have the work at an age appropriate level. We chose to use Level 2.

The World History curriculum has 26 weeks of instruction with 4 days of lessons each week and focuses on the United States' involvement in world events in the Twentieth Century. Weeks 1 and 2 are foundational weeks with a lot of information, so we split many of those lessons to do over 2 days to make sure that Brittany really understood the concepts. She and I did all of these lessons together as well. After she began Week 3, she was able to work independently, checking in with me at the end of her assignments so we could go over what she learned and the answers in her student book.

Easy-to-follow Teacher Guide
The Teacher Guide has lesson plans that are extremely easy to follow and allows for me to simply pick it up and begin that day's lesson. Being a busy mama, this is important to me. Each week's plans include a weekly overview, teaching objectives for the week, the Scripture for the week, the principle and leading idea covered that week, lesson plans for all 4 levels, writing assignments for all 4 levels, and vocabulary. Each week has a word study assignment that does an in-depth study of one of the vocabulary words. There are also expanded history readings that can be added in for children who need more challenge or are interested in the topic and want to dig in a little deeper.

YouTube Playlist makes it easy to find the right video for each lesson.

Most weeks have at least one YouTube video as a part of the lessons. Pathway to Liberty has their own channel where all of these videos can be found easily since they are in playlists organized by year. While Brittany is a good reader, she is also a very visual and auditory learner so watching these videos helps her to understand the information much easier. There are also questions in the student book to accompany the videos. She would have her workbook in front of her as she watched the videos so she could focus on listening for what the questions were asking for; I loved this since it kept her from "zoning out" while she was watching and instead made her more of an active listener.

The Chain of Liberty book and study guide we received are used in the curriculum for levels 2-4. It chronologically covers events following a chain whose links include Creation, Dawn of Nations, Moses and the Law, Church, Reformation, First Colonies, First Constitutional Republic, Expansion and Erosion, and Restoration. It serves to answer the question posed on its cover: "Do men have a right to think for themselves?"

Brittany and I have really enjoyed using Pathway to Liberty's History Curriculum. This is definitely the right curriculum for a family looking to maintain a Biblical worldview in their history studies.

Brittany's thoughts:
I liked how there were questions to answer after watching the videos because this gave me something to look for in the videos and helped me focus on them better. I liked reading the book An Age of Extremes because I learned a lot about older times in the United States. 

You can find out more about Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum on social media:

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Universal History,  The Middle Ages,  US History & World History Curriculum {Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum Reviews}

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