Small People

Small People

Friday, June 21, 2019

Proud Mama Moment

Last night we had our annual track club pasta dinner. Each year this is held right before our state track meet to celebrate the athletes and encourage them for the upcoming competition season.

One of the highlights of the dinner each year is the honoring of one of the club's athletes with the Taylor Elmore Spirit Award. This award was established to honor the memory of one of the club's athletes who was tragically killed in a car accident in high school 10 years ago. This award is given to an athlete who embodies the following characteristics and is voted on by the club's coaches.
      o  Punctuality and attendance for practices and team functions

      o  Listens and respects not only coaches but all they come in contact with

      o  Represents God, Family, City of Florence, and Florence Track Club with pride and honor

      o  Always gives 100% whether in practice or meets

      o  Is always encouraging to others

This year's award winner was Aria! She definitely embodies the characteristics of this award. She's an extremely hard worker and always gives 100%. Last summer she was injured and wasn't able to compete so we didn't sign her up to be a club athlete. Instead of staying home like she could have, she chose to come to all of the practices - 3 nights a week - and helped with the younger athletes. I'm extremely proud that her character has not gone unnoticed by the coaches.

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