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Small People

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Wars of the Jews set Review

 I've mentioned before how much Brailey enjoys history, especially Biblical history. It amazes me how much she can tell me about the Bible and the events taking place in the world during biblical times. To say she was excited to be able to review The Wars of the Jews set from Memoria Press would be a HUGE understatement. The moment the package arrived at our house, she was ready to dive right in and get started!

For this review, we received The Wars of the Jews set, which includes
  • The Wars of the Jews text - This is a 141-page, paperback book subtitled The Fall of Jerusalem and written by Josephus, translation by William Whiston.
  • The Wars of the Jews student guide - This is a 26-page, paperback consumable workbook. The workbook is divided into ten lessons with each lesson assigning from one to three chapters from the text. For each lesson, there are "Facts to Know," which is a list of people, places, and terms with explanations to help for better comprehension during the reading. Each lesson is accompanied by at least one quote. There are also seven to ten thought-provoking comprehension questions for each lesson.
  • The Wars of the Jews teacher guide - This is a 35-page paperback book that corresponds with the student guide. It contains the answers for the comprehension questions as well as a final test and answer key.
Brailey worked on this about 3 days a week since it was a supplement to her other coursework. Each day she would read the chapters from the text that were assigned in that day's lesson. Then she and I would discuss the list of people, places, and terms in the "Facts to Know" section, and she would answer the comprehension questions.

Josephus was a Jew who became a Roman citizen in the first century. He is regarded as an authority on the historical events of that time period. The opportunity to learn about the fall of Jerusalem makes this set a great supplement to a study of Scripture and the early church.

Brailey's thoughts:
I have always been intrigued by ancient historical events, and have never gotten the chance to learn about the overtaking of Israel by the Romans. I was very excited when my mom told me that this curriculum was available to review, and started working on it almost right away once it was delivered. Learning about the siege of Jerusalem was very interesting, as I certainly have read about it as a passing glance in books, but never delved too deep into the story itself. I have certainly learned a lot about the history of the Jews during this review. The questions were thought-provoking and I really had to read the chapter thoroughly to be able to correctly answer all of them.
I learned about the siege of Jerusalem and how it led to the downfall of the Jews. The curriculum went in-depth on the siege by using the writings of Josephus, a Hebrew historian and an advisor to the man who was in charge of the siege. It goes into detail about the progression of the famine that occurred in Jerusalem because of the siege and the many attempts of the Romans to break down the sturdy walls of Jerusalem.
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