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Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Heart Changer Review

I've mentioned before that Brailey has a deep love for Biblical history and historical fiction. It is especially exciting when those two intermingle. Needless to say, she was ecstatic when we were offered the opportunity to review The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio, Author.

For this review, we received The Heart Changer: Only HE Could Set a Captive Free by Jarm Del Boccio. This is a 116-page paperback book that is the debut novel for this author. We also received access to the teacher's guide, which is a 12-page downloadable pdf file. 

When the book arrived, Brailey took it immediately to her room where she devoured the book in one afternoon. This is definitely a great historical fiction novel for middle grades, especially for any one who is interested in Biblical history. 

In The Heart Changer, Del Boccio gives a name to the servant girl from the Biblical story of Namaan. This story is retold from the point of view of the Israelite servant girl, Miriam. It begins with the attack on her village which leads to her servility, serving the wife of Namaan, a Syrian soldier. When she is first captured, her only desire is to escape and return home. As the story progresses, she realizes that she has been placed in Namaan's household for a reason. The book ends with the healing of Namaan when he follows Elisha's counsel to bathe in the Jordan river to cure his leprosy. Because he listened to Miriam, who advised Namaan to visit Elisha, both Namaan's and Miriam's lives were changed.

The teacher's guide is a treasure trove of information about the author. She shares her favorite inspirational story, her favorite Bible verse, her favorite place to write, her favorite scene in The Heart Changer, and much more. There is also a section with questions and answers about Miriam.

The teacher's guide also includes several discussion questions that encourage critical thinking skills. These led to Brailey and I having very good conversations about The Heart Changer. Also included in the teacher's guide are sections with different research ideas based on the setting and topics included in the book, websites for devotions for tweens and young women, Syrian recipes, and a page for note taking.

Brailey's Thoughts
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The base of the existing story of Namaan in the Bible is one that provides a lot of room to incorporate in a story such as this one. Although it is a little shorter than the books I normally read, I found myself wanting to reread it quite a few times. The motivations of the main character are clear through the whole book and her struggles are easy to understand. This book was quite refreshing to read, with no weighed down plot or hard to follow story.

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The Heart Changer {Jarm Del Boccio, Author Reviews}

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