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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Britfield & the Lost Crown Review

I am a firm believer that, if you don't have the funds to be a world traveler (which I certainly do not), the next best thing is to travel extensively in your reading life. I love reading books set in other countries because you can visit there in your imagination, especially if the author does a good job of descriptive writing. So I was intrigued when I was offered the opportunity for us to review Britfield & the Lost Crown, which is set in England. Since Brailey and Brittany are always looking for new books to read, I thought this would be a good book for them to try out as well.

For this review, we received the Kindle version of Britfield & the Lost Crown by C. R. Stewart. Brittany, Brailey, and I were able to have them all on our own Kindles, which meant everyone could read whenever they wanted, even at the same time, and at our own pace. This is great because I seem to have become a much slower reader than both of these girls. (Although a lot of that may be that they have a little more free time for reading than I do.) We also received access to the pdf study guide to accompany the book.

About the Book:
Britfield & the Lost Crown details the adventures of Tom and Sarah, two orphans who escape from Weatherly, the orphanage where they are forced to work all day making items for the orphanage's owners to sell. Before leaving Weatherly, Tom learns one clue about who he is - the name "Britfield." As the two children make their way to London to find freedom, they have adventures involving a hot air balloon, a professor from Oxford, and a stay at Windsor Castle. All the while, they are being chased by a police detective named Gowerstone who was called in by the owners of the orphanage to bring the children back. During their adventures, Tom learns that the Britfields were in line for the throne of England but were persecuted and run out of the country or killed in order for the ruling monarchs at the time to remain in power. Could Tom be one of those Britfields? How did he end up in an orphanage? Could he be the rightful heir to the English throne?

Our Thoughts on Britfield & the Lost Crown:
I thought this book was delightful. First of all, I love the maps of the various English locations that are included in the book. Being able to see the layout of Oxford, Windsor Castle, London, and Canterbury made it much easier to picture the action of the book. The amount of English history woven into the story satisfied my inner history nerd self.

Brittany - I thought this was a good book. I liked the fact that there is more to the story and that they are coming out with a second book instead of just jam-packing it into one book. My favorite part of the story was when Detective Gowerstone was in a helicopter chasing Tom, who was in the hot air balloon.

Brailey - I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The story line kept me intrigued at every turn, and I couldn't put it down. The worst thing about this book is that the sequel isn't scheduled to come out until Fall 2020; I don't know if I can wait that long. I can't really give a favorite part because I liked all of the parts.

About the Study Guide:
I allowed my girls to read this book as "fun" reading, but I could easily have incorporated this into our curriculum for a literature read or an accompaniment to a study of England or English history. The 83-page study guide pdf would be perfect to use for this. The study guide contains a synopsis, information about the author, questions to accompany each chapter, activities for different story elements, and additional resources. For each chapter, there are questions for vocabulary, comprehension, going deeper (critical thinking), and learning more with technology (activities or topics to research online).

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