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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

CTCMath Review

Love it or hate it, math is a necessary part of a good education. Some of my kids love it; others hate it. My goal is to make them successful math students, regardless of how they feel about the subject. One way I try to do this is through the addition of a supplementary math program. We have our core math curriculum, but I also like them to get additional practice. We've been using CTCMath for several years as our supplementary math program, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to review their 12-month Family Membership.

For this review, we received the 12-month Family Membership which is for up to five students. This allows each child access to their own log in for the website.

What is CTCMath?
CTCMath is an online math curriculum for kindergarten through high school. Kindergarten through 6th grade are grade levels. Junior high and high school are broken down into the following:
  • Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Measurement
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
Each of these levels is divided into parts, which are then divided into skill sets. Each skill set contains several lessons to complete. The lessons consist of a video and a worksheet, and some lessons have an additional section of practice questions. As students complete the lessons, they are working to achieve a certificate; these certificates are emailed to me as the parent and are platinum, gold, silver, etc. My girls love to tell me that I should be getting an email with their certificate, and they work hard to try to achieve platinum or gold.

There are also additional worksheets in the parent section that I can print for them to use if I feel like they need even more practice on a specific topic.

How do we use CTCMath?
I am a firm believer that the only way to get better at anything is to practice. If you are a soccer player, you need to go to practices with your team and get touches on the ball on your own time. If you are a runner, you need to run. If you play piano, you need to practice the piano. If you want to be good at math, you need to practice math.

Like I said earlier, my girls have a core math curriculum that they use, but I love the fact that, by having them also spend thirty minutes each day on CTCMath, they are increasing their math skills even more. 

Here's how each of the girls use CTCMath:

Brittany is doing 7th grade math this year, but she has been doing the 6th grade level skills just to reinforce her basic knowledge. She's been really focusing on fractions lately.

For high school, we do a block schedule with four classes in the fall and four classes in the spring. Caelin doesn't have a math class in the fall, so she has been using CTCMath to help maintain her Algebra I skills. I love knowing that she won't be losing those important skills during the semester off of a math curriculum.

The twins both are taking Algebra II this fall so they have been working on the Algebra II level skills. We go through the CTCMath topics list to find what they are working on in their main curriculum, and they work on those sections each day. For example, they just finished a unit on rational expressions. We found the rational expressions topic under Algebra II on the CTCMath site, and then they started working on those lessons. There are so many lessons for each topic! For example, just for the rational expressions topic, there are seventeen lessons. The girls' main curriculum was focusing on simplifying rational expressions and adding and subtracting rational expressions, so I just had them work through those lessons. It's so nice to know that the extra practice is available for them!

With 4 girls using the program and only a couple laptops available for school, I also appreciate that the girls can log in from their Kindles or on their smartphones. (Well, only one girl has a smartphone, but it still frees up a laptop for someone else to use.)

You can learn more about CTCMath on social media:

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Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}

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