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Friday, August 23, 2019

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping Review

I am a planner. I make detailed to-do lists. I have notepads and planners and notebooks all over my school area. And for years, I've been a paper and pencil planner for our homeschool. So I felt a little trepidation when I received the opportunity to review the Annual Membership Plan for My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping.

For this review, we received an annual membership for My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping, which is an online record keeping program designed for homeschoolers.

I mentioned my feeling of trepidation. So many fears entered my brain when I thought about using digital record keeping. Will I be able to figure out how to use it? How much work will this be? Will it be easy for my girls to know what their assignments will be? and on and on. I was relieved to learn that I really had no reason for fear. This program is extremely user-friendly, for both me and my girls.

First, once I had my membership, I began receiving emails. Unlike many programs where you are inundated with spam emails from that company, these emails were helpful. The first one came with an introductory video that gave an incredible overview of the features and navigation menus. Then came the emails with helpful tips and tricks: how to set up classes, how to use the planbook, how to set up email reminders, and more. That easily answered my "Will I be able to figure out how to use this?" question.

Second, "How much work will this be?" There is some work involved in setting up the classes and inputting the lessons for the planbook, but it's really no more work than when I was using a paper planner. In fact, some things were much easier and less time consuming than using paper and pencil. Setting up the school year was a breeze; all I had to do was put in our start and end dates, which let me see how many school days were available. Then I scheduled what dates we wanted to take days off for things like Christmas break, spring break, and random other days (like birthdays). As I scheduled those, I could see how many available school days were left. No more trying to count the days on a calendar to make sure we get in 180 days.

As far as weekly planning, that isn't any more work than it was with paper and pencil either. At the beginning of the year, I was able to do mass scheduling of those activities my girls do every day, like their supplemental math on the computer or write in their journal. With the "Rapid Repeat" feature, I could set that all up at one time, and it scheduled it out, rather than me having to put it in for each and every day. It also has a feature where I can put in which chapters I want them to read in a particular book over a specific period of time, and it divides out the chapters by day for me. For those assignments that aren't repeated daily or easily divided out, I just sit down on Sunday evening and can easily put in the assignments for the week for each girl.

Determining grades is easy too! I used to keep my grades on a spreadsheet and had to create formulas to give different assignments different weights. With My School Year, I was able to customize the weighting for each class for each girl. I can also see at a glance what their current average is for each class when I look at their class overview.

Question three - Will it be easy for my girls to know what their assignments will be? Another feature that actually makes My School Year less work is that I was able to create a log in for each of my girls. This gives them the ability to log in each day to see what their assignments are. I could choose what permissions to allow them, so I gave them the ability to mark their assignments done when they were completed and to put in how much time they spent on each activity. For high school electives in my state, students are required to complete a set number of hours to receive a half credit or whole credit. I can easily see how many hours they have completed so far by just checking their classes in the program.

My girls love being able to log in to see their assignments because they no longer have to copy their assignments from my planbook into their assignment books to check off. The older girls have their assignments set to be emailed to them as well. The girls can access their assignments on the laptops, their Kindles, or their smartphones, which means they can do school wherever they are and check their assignments as done. This is helpful since one of my girls likes to do her schoolwork in her room, and another one has a job babysitting and she can still access her assignments when she's at their house.

There are so many other features that make this more than a homeschool lesson plan program. I can put in doctor and dentist appointments and sports practices into the calendar. These calendar activities can also be set up to be delivered by email either at the beginning of the week or each day. I can use the class creation section to create a chore chart and assign chores!

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