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Friday, September 13, 2019

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 9 Review

Grammar is one of those subjects that is extremely important to me as a homeschool mom. I feel it is important for my children to constantly review grammar rules so that they are able to write more effectively. For this reason, Easy Grammar Systems has been a part of our homeschool curriculum for many years. When we were given the opportunity to review Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 9, I was elated.

For this review, we received:
  • 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Grade 9 Student Workbook - a soft-cover book containing 180 lessons 
  • 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Grade 9 Teacher Edition - a soft-cover book containing the same 180 lesson pages as the student workbook as well as an answer key
  • Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 9 tests - a soft-cover book containing 18 assessments and answer keys for each
Since we use a block schedule for high school, Caelin has been doing two days worth of the daily lessons each day in order to complete the book during her semester of 9th grade English. Writing and grammar are not high on her list of favorite subjects, so one of her favorite things about using Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 9 is that "easy" is a part of the title. Just the idea that this is supposed to be easy makes it much less intimidating for her. She also appreciates the fact that doing these lessons doesn't take very much time. Each lesson is designed to take approximately ten minutes so she is able to complete two lessons in about twenty minutes, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Another thing we both like about the 180 Daily Teaching Lessons is that they follow the same format for every lesson. Each lesson contains five questions broken down as follows:
  • Question 1 - Capitalization errors. The scope and sequence included in the teacher edition lists four pages of capitalization concepts along with which days/page numbers those concepts are introduced or reviewed.
  • Question 2 - Adding punctuation. A line is provided where students can rewrite the sentence and insert the correct punctuation, but I usually just have Caelin add the punctuation to the given sentence in the workbook without having to rewrite it. I feel like this is how she should be marking her writing to edit it, so it's good practice.
  • Questions 3 and 4 - Teaching, review, and application of grammar and other concepts, which include but are not limited to adjectives and adverbs, compound and complex sentences, pronouns and antecedents, and subject-verb agreement.
  • Question 5 - Sentence combining - Students are given several short sentences and have to combine the information to create one sentence. 
The assessments in the test booklet follow the same format as the lessons. 

I truly believe that just reviewing these grammar concepts a few minutes each day helps to improve my girls' writing. I know that Caelin has done much better on subject-verb agreement and creating more complex sentences in the essays she has had to complete this year.

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